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Contact Thomas Gillis at WebtekDesigners.com is an India Web Design Company. As an India Web Design Company we are dedicated to providing the best India Web Design Services at the lowest rates possible. We have Senior Project manager in the United States, to make it easy for you to work with us a an India Web Design firm. Contact our Senior Project Manager Thomas Gillis, located in New Haven Connecticut. Thomas Gillis will make it simple for you to work with our India Web Developers, India database programmers, India coldfusion programmers, India ASPX programmers, India Social Media experts, India SEO program specialists and India Blog Developers.

Contact Thomas Gillis is located in New Haven Connecticut, United States. Thomas Gillis has been our Senior Project Manager in the United States for 12+ years providing our India Web Design Company and India Web Development experience to clients all over the United States. All our India Web Design Projects are reviewed and managed here in the USA and all the India Web Design work is supervised here in the United States that is India Design and India outsourced to India. Our team in India is a staff of 35 plus programmers and India web design and India designers and India programmers. India web developers work with clients in the United States with the help of our Project manager in the United States. Webtekdesigners has been in business on the internet for 12+years. WebtekDesigners is in constant contact our India web design company partners. Webtekdesigners works with our team in India and comminicates with India up to 5 times daily. Webtekdesigners represents an Indian Web design Company with a Senior project manager in the United States to make it easy for you to have your project developed in India at lower costs and lower billing rates than using a web development firm in the United States.

Contact Thomas Gillis in New Haven Connecticut, United States. Work with Webtekdesigners and get the best of both worlds using a India Web Design Company. A Senior Project manager with 12+ years of experience working with an India web design company and India programming company. Save money and get the best minds in India working on your project by outsouring your web development project to India.
Communicating with India is not as simple as you may think. We take the burden off you of trying to communicate with India by doing all this for you. You can work with Thomas Gillis our USA Project manager on USA East Coast time and while we work with India and a highly skilled a India tech firm that is on India time - which is aproximately 11 hours ahead of US East Coast time. Our aim is to make it easy for you to benefit from the skills of and India Web Design Company while working with a Project Manager here is the United States. India web designers are offering India web developing work at very cost-effective pricing. Please be assured, Webtekdesigners will complete your project on time, to your specifications. We take full responsibility for the quality of the work and both guarantee and insure that it is completed to meet your specifications.
Contact Thomas Gillis in New Haven Connecticut, United States, our Senior Project Manager takes full responsibilty for all India Web Design work and India Web projects here is the United States. Our India Web Development team are accountable and fully responsible for all work done in India. Webtekdesigners in the United States will always be available to be contacted by phone or email.
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thomas gillis

Tom has 8 years of of daily web development and design experience. Having worked in all areas of web development business, Tom has developed his expertise in a few key areas. Search Engine placement, meta - code in web pages and the use of the correct meta tags are Tom's specialties. "In my opinion, you can have the most beautiful site in the world, but if it is not on page 1 or 2 of most search engines, it is almost useless, however, this depends to a degree on your business and on the purpose of your website."

Tom's other main focus for 8 years has been as a Project Manager for his team at Gillis Media and WebtekDesigners. He knows what it takes to get an idea from the concept phase and how to develop it on the internet as a fully functioning website. Tom understands and knows how to get many talented people to contribute their expertise to a website project and bring it all together as a superior finished product.

Along with his team at Gillis Media and WebtekDesigners, once a project is in the final phase, some of the real work begins, the process of getting all the details just right, and every little detail counts, to the search engines, to the web site viewer and most of all to the customer. We will edit every detail and check it twice, Tom will then personally wroite the web site meta - code the site for search engine placement. One of Tom's primary skills search engine placement of websites on the to thr top of the search engines such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, Wisenut, Mamma, Lycos, Overture, Aol Search on the worldwide web.

Tom is a complete professional in his relations with clients and associates, having been in the business world nearly 25 years in related fields. After 8 years in the Internet business Tom has a comprehensive understanding of the internet, web site design and search engine placement, web development and design. He is able to develop a website in the proper manner and get it placed on page 1 of most search engines, Yahoo, Google, MSN, a skill that developed over time and with practice. Tom is also able to show his clients how use their website to maximize it's full potential in their daily business and maximise its returns on the internet.

Email Webmaster Thomas Gillis today for personal help with your web site or you web project :
 click here to contact Tom by email .

Or call 1 -203 -488 -4262 : please leave a voice mail if I am not in my office - available 24 hours a day - ( webmaster hours ).

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